LYNN STEVENS, President & Founder

Once upon a time, Lynn was pouring over a photograph she took (specifically, #29, snail) and wondered, what would a child see when looking at the same image? The quest to find an answer to this question was the early basis for what became The Dynamite Book Project. Regardless of her many talents, Lynn struggled with writing as a young student and found herself unable to engage with the teaching methods of the time. With the DBP, she has found a way to give back and hopefully help young students lose the fear that many writers feel when facing the oft-dreaded blank page.

An award-winning photographer by trade, Lynn has taken photographic expeditions to New Zealand twice, Scotland, Mexico, Florida, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Alaska and The Yukon. She looks forward to creating many more amazing images for the Dynamite Book Project. She has been actively shooting for more than 20 years.

Lynn lives with her husband Joel in Sun Peaks, BC. The Dynamite Book Project began in Wells, BC,  In fact, several of the neighbourhood children including Lynn’s young niece, Harley and nephew, Memphis regularly consult on DBP’s creative content and direction!

TAMMY BROWN, Managing Director

Working on the Dynamite Book Project is a labor of love, but also one of hope. She shares, “Any chance children have to express their imagination and creativity is a good thing. We build the books that allow them to share their vision… And that’s great.”

As a senior graphic designer and marketing strategist for more than 20 years, Tammy has always been driven to bring the product and the consumer together using the many tools of the trade for clients in Canada, the US and Mexico. In the past, she has served as Head Designer, Director of Marketing, Manager of Retail Packaging, Manager of US Franchising and Managing Director for various companies.

While she is responsible for building and guiding the infrastructure that is the Dynamite Book Project, Tammy also directs the design and production of the books belonging to the Tiny Tales Book Series.

She is currently the principal at Bang MediaWorks Inc. and lives and works in Beautiful Kelowna, BC.


Partial proceeds from book sales are donated back to schools or charities of the schools choice

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