What’s That You Say? 

Provided here are comments from the perspective of the students, teachers and parents who have participated in the Dynamite Book Project. The experiences shared by the people are a reflection to the true value of the Dynamite Book Project to not only the young writers, but the families and communities as well.


“The Dynamite Book Project encouraged all of my students, but especially my most reluctant writers, to do their best work and write! The project was a straight-forward and effective way of publishing my students’ work without the added challenge and time commitment that publishing demands.

The positive outcomes I noted include:

  • Strengthens students self-confidence
  • Motivates students to work hard, knowing that their work will be published
  • Promotes a positive attitude toward writing and becoming a writer
  • Gives them a strong sense of ownership of their work
  • Provides a purpose and audience for writing
  • Allows family and community to share and celebrate the students creativity,
  • imagination and hard work.
Being able to hold a book in your hand that you’ve collaborated in writing is a transformative experience for young writers.A GALBRAITH BScF, BEd, Head Teacher, Wells Elementary School

One student, in particular, went from struggling to put ideas down on paper to realizing that a visual image can unlock the imagination and that was the inspiration he needed. When filling out the yearbook comment for this year…“What do you want to be when you grow up?”… The student wrote, “A Writer!”

A GALBRAITH BScF, BEd, Head Teacher, Wells Elementary School


“Once they chose the photo that inspired them, [the students] spent several language arts sessions creating, recording and editing their writing piece. [The Project] provided the students with a great deal of flexibility and choice in both the image they selected, and also in regards to the topic and style they preferred to write in; for example, descriptive, persuasive, poetry etc. [DBP] let the student’s creativity guide the process.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and took pride in the work that they produced, meanwhile waiting anxiously to view the final published result.JANEANE KREUTZER, BEd, Former Head Teacher, Wells Elementary School

The process of creating this book incorporated many of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes issued by the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Education. The nature of this assignment fit perfectly into the language arts curriculum for each grade (K-7) as it allowed for flexibility and varying expectations while providing a shared learning experience and an opportunity to engage the students in a meaningful and rewarding activity.

As an added benefit, the Cariboo Kidlets book proved to be an ingenious way to raise much-needed funds for the community school.

The final outcome was a testament to the fact that when you give children choice and a chance to guide their own learning while collaborating with peers and adults, the result will be engaged, critical thinking students who are able to produce meaningful and creative projects while taking pride in their work.

JANEANE KREUTZER, BEd, Former Head Teacher, Wells Elementary School


“The thing we love about the Dynamite Book Project is that our children were able to be truly creative. They enjoyed doing the project, taking pride in their work. And, the project is good for their school. We bought extra copies of the book and gave them as gifts and keepsakes… People love them!”

K TATARYN, Parent of 3 children with stories in Amazing Animal Tales


Partial proceeds from book sales are donated back to schools or charities of the schools choice

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