Project Benefits

The Dynamite Book Project and the the resulting Tiny Tales Book series have much to offer not only the student, but also, their school and their community. Here’s how:

Benefits for The School

EDUCATION: The process of creating this book incorporates many of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes issued by the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Education. This assignment fits perfectly into the language arts curriculum for each grade (K­7) as it allows for flexibility and varying expectations. This project based literacy program provides a shared learning experience and an opportunity to engage the students in a meaningful and rewarding activity. Your students could be published authors!

Since our launch in 2014 we have published 8 Tiny Tales books, helped to inspire over 150 students and raised approx $2500 for the participating schools.

FUNDRAISING: The school receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every book. Since books are sold at school and in the community, fundraising opportunities are considerable and ongoing. Schools also have the opportunity to hold a book signing event for the students. Our parent company, Big Heart Publishing Inc. will provide downloadable posters and online support for the event.

SCHOOL PRIDE: Students take pride in creating a book that can be shared with classmates, their families and their communities. While teachers can be proud of the legacy they’ve helped to create.

Benefits for the Students

Students have the opportunity to laugh, learn and create while at the same time, building a legacy for themselves, their school and their community. Without artistic bounds, students can choose an image and spin a tale of the fantastic. They feel a true sense of accomplishment and take pride in their work.


Benefits for Parents and the Community

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: When parents, families and local businesses purchase books from the Dynamite Book Project, they find that its a great way to give back. The books make great gifts and make students proud when they are displayed and read at home.

COMMUNITY PRIDE: Participating schools are featured on the DBP website, acknowledging the students for their work, and the school and the community for their support.


  • 42% of Canadian adults between the ages of 16 and 65 have low literacy skills.
  • A 1% increase in the literacy rate would generate $18 billion in economic growth every year
  • Investment in literacy programming has a 241% return on investment

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Fundraising is a key aspect of The Dynamite Book Project.

Funds for schools are generated in two ways:

  • A portion of the proceeds from ongoing book sales from the Tiny Tales Book Series are donated directly to the school.
  • Schools hold a special book signing/launch event. Here the students can sign their books like a real author while engaging with their audience. Big Heart Publishing will also provide the posters and online marketing of the event.


Partial proceeds from book sales are donated back to schools or charities of the schools choice

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