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Here you’ll find a step by step guide, along with a variety of print-ready items and resources to facilitate an enjoyable and profitable Dynamite Book Project experience.

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“The thing we love about the Dynamite Book Project is that our children were able to be truly creative. They enjoyed doing the project, taking pride in their work. And, the project raises money for their school. We bought extra copies of the book and gave them as gifts and keepsakes… People love them!”K TATARYN, Parent of 3 children with stories in Amazing Animal Tales


Have a look inside and be amazed at the imagination of these children. This is what your child’s book could look like!!!

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Download Welcome Letter, Check Lists, Consent Forms, Posters, and Order Forms from here to help your Book Campaign be easy and profitable!


1  Q. How do my children benefit directly?
  A. Your children get to be a part of a one-of-a-kind book project. They use their imagination and become published authors long the way. The process of creating the Tiny Tales™ book series incorporates many of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes issued by BC’s Ministry of Education?

2  Q. How will this program benefit our school?
 A. Your school will receive a portion of the proceeds of every book sold. $5 from every book sold will be gifted back to the school. The more books sold the more money your school receives. 

3  Q. How will this benefit me as a parent?
 A. The parent will get bragging rights to say their child is a published author and be part of a legacy. Also the ability to help support literacy within your child’s school and harness the imagination of  young authors.

4  Q. How long is the program?
 A. The whole program is approximately 8-10 weeks in duration. Several factors are involved. In our experience the writing and editing of the stories takes the longest.

5  Q. When do we receive our books?
 A. Books will be delivered approx. 5-6 weeks after the stories have been submitted to your DBP Coordinator and all monies from sales have been submitted to the publisher.

6  Q. Why do we have to submit all the sale monies to the publisher? 
 A. The funds from all the book sales will pay for the printing, marketing and delivery costs of your books to the school. If the school choses to donate their raised funds to a select charity this process makes it easier for us to do so.

7  Q. What happens if some of the permission sheets aren’t retuned or signed?
 A. We CANNOT include your child’s story if the permission sheet has not been returned. This sheet provides permission for us to legally publish your child’s story. This student would miss the opportunity to be involved in the program.

8  Q. Is there an option for parents to sign permission sheets online?
 A. Yes, absolutely. They are located in the Parents Lounge- Step 3 of  the website. An email is generated once you submit your signed consent. You receive one as well as Big Heart Publishing for our records.

9  Q. What if we don’t want to do a book signing event?
 A. The book signing is completely optional, however it does generate awareness about the project and possibly more book sales.

10  Q. How often can we do this project at our school?
 A. We recommend no more than once a year.

11  Q. How many orders can we place?
 A. We STRONGLY recommend that your classroom only place one main large order.  If you think you will need some extra copies we recommend ordering a few more on your first order. BHP will ONLY carry and extra 10 books for our online store. Once they sell out we do not re order. As we get into re orders at small amounts the cost per book can rise dramatically from our printers. 

12  Q. What if our school wants to buy books for our library, do we pay full price?
 A. No. Your school will be able to purchase a few books at a discounted price, however, the school will not receive donations on books sold to them at a discount. Ask your DBP Coordinator for details.


Partial proceeds from book sales are donated back to schools or charities of the schools choice

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