Welcome to Kid’s Corner! Visit here to learn more about the amazing animals you love to write about. Have fun with the games and puzzles… Find out crazy animal information in the Fun Facts, that can be found throughout the Dynamite website. Check back regularly! As more young writers like you write more books, we’ll be adding new animals and games… Share and Enjoy!



You’ll meet some of the most amazing creatures… Ever!

Which animal did YOU write about?!
Fun Facts
Despite not being strongly adopted for the dark, tigers have night vision that is 6 times better than humans!

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Creature Puzzle

Who or what is that?!
Find out by sliding the pieces of the puzzle around until you know!
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Jigsaw Jamboree!

This one’s a bit harder. Try your hand and moving the pieces around to make the picture complete. You just never know who or what you’re going to meet!
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Jigsaw Puzzle by


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