1  Q. How much does our school pay to participate in the Dynamite Book Project?
 A. Absolutely nothing! There is no cost to participate in the Project.

2  Q. How can our school participate in the Dynamite Book Project?
 A. You can contact us at info@bigheartpublishing.com or call directly to 778.668.4683. Otherwise, leave your contact information at www.dynamitebookproject.org and we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours.

3  Q. How do my students benefit directly?
 A. Your students get to be a part of a one-of-a-kind book project that they are proud to be a part of. Students are inspired to use their imagination and become published authors long the way. The resulting books also become amazing gifts for family and friends.


4  Q. Is this project like a fundraiser for our school?
 A. Absolutely! A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated back to the school through our parent company, Big Heart Publishing Inc. Schools often opt to run a raffle around the Dynamite Book Project. We provide the prizes and materials on request and the school manages the raffle and retains 100% of the profit.


5  Q. How will this program benefit our school?
 A. Your school will receive a portion of the proceeds of every book sold, ongoing. The process of creating the Tiny Tales™ book series incorporates many of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes issued by BC’s Ministry of Education?


6  Q. How will this benefit Teachers?
 A. The teacher will be credited in the published book, as well, the resulting books provide a legacy for the Teacher, the students and the school. This program is also a great opportunity to nurture your student’s creativity and literacy.


7  Q. If the amount of the donation depends on book sales, does the Dynamite Book Project help with sales?
 A. Absolutely! We provide marketing materials, support as well as online and media support to help sell books and strive to get the community involved.


8  Q. How long does book writing and production take?
 A. The whole program is approximately 8-10 weeks in duration. Several factors are involved.


9  Q. What if I have any questions of concerns during the Project?
 A. Your assigned DBP Coordinator will be available throughout the project to provide any guidance needed.


10  Q. Where are the books sold?
 A. Books are sold to students, families, friends and the community. We are also working to sell the Tiny Tales Book Series through major retailers.


11  Q. What is the Tiny Tales Book Series?
 A. Within the Dynamite Book Project, all the books written by elementary students belong to the Tiny Tales Book Series. As well, a program for older students is currently being developed.


12  Q. What is the Book Buddy Program?
 A. To ensure ALL students receive a copy of a book featuring their story, the Book Buddy Program encourages families and business to purchase and donate books back to the school. Additional books are held in a pool and distributed based on need, at the Teacher’s discretion.


Partial proceeds from book sales are donated back to schools or charities of the schools choice

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