About The Project


The Dynamite Book Project™ provides magnificent images of animals and nature that inspire young students to learn, laugh and create as they write short stories based on the images they choose. Not only do the students learn about the subject they write about, but they become published authors along the way.


When writing for the Tiny Tales™ book series, young students create a legacy for themselves, their school and their families. The Dynamite Book Project™ works with teachers to compile, design and market these books at the school, within the community and beyond. A percentage of the proceeds from book sales are donated back to these schools, supporting programs, trips and equipment. 

Schools participate in the Dynamite Book Project at NO COST. We provide the materials and support at absolutely NO COST. This is made possible by donations from the community and businesses who support literacy and share the belief that a child’s imagination is far too precious a thing to waste.

Ongoing book sales and asset management are provided by our parent company, Big Heart Publishing Inc.™. The Dynamite Book Project™ and the Tiny Tales™ Book Series trademarks are wholly ­owned by Big Heart Publishing Inc.

About Our Images

Lynn Marie Stevens: Head Photographer and Image Curator
for the Dynamite Book Project
Even as a young child, Lynn has always been driven to share her unique point of view with the world. It is no accident that her photography business is named “See What Eye See Photography.” Today, Lynn’s unique perspective is garnering attention from the likes of Canadian National Geographic. The famous magazine recently published her award ­winning image “Trash and Treasure,” an image of a majestic bald eagle.

For the Dynamite Book Project, Lynn’s wildlife images provide the spark from which our young writers launch their fantastical tales. As new images and subjects are added to the Dynamite Book Project image selection, Lynn will be busy shooting on location and selecting images to add to the collection as requested by our young writers.

She holds a Diploma in Professional Photography and has been pursuing great images for more than 20 years. The highlights of Lynn’s ambitious body of work can be viewed at: seewhateyesee.ca


Partial proceeds from book sales are donated back to schools or charities of the schools choice

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